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Smart Approaches to Marijuana

Governor Lamont has introduced legislation legalizing recreational use of marijuana

for the 2021 session.

Substitute SB-888 is likely to be brought up for a vote in the Senate and the House next week!

Time to ACT is now!

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The introduction of this legislation was interrupted by the pandemic during last year’s session. The Governor and the marijuana industry want to present legalization as an easy way to generate revenue for economic recovery while glossing over concerns regarding:


  • Increased addiction amongst Connecticut’s youth

  • Permanent brain damage for youth who use marijuana regularly

  • ALL car insurance rates increasing 10% the first year and 16% the second year

  • Costs due to motor vehicle crashes and fatalities, along with increases in employee absenteeism and on-the-job injuries far outstripping any potential revenue gains


These are just a few of the possible topics to include when contacting your legislator regarding the Governor's Bill, LCO-3311 "An Act Responsibly and Equitably Regulating Adult-Use Cannabis".

Read about the financial impact of marijuana legalization on Connecticut.
For information and talking points
(with citations) opposing legalization of marijuana:

Please send an urgent message to your representatives telling them


CAPP is the Connecticut affiliate of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), an alliance of organizations and individuals dedicated to a health-first approach to marijuana policy.


The mission of SAM is to educate citizens on the science of marijuana and to promote health-first, smart policies and attitudes that decrease marijuana use and its consequences.

Join us on our mission to educate CT about the dangers of marijuana.

The Projected Costs of
Marijuana Legalization in CT

This report uses data from states like Colorado and figures from CT’s Office of Fiscal Analysis to debunk the myth that taxed marijuana sales will be a boon to the state’s fiscal crisis.

Marijuana Accountability Coalition

Holds OpenPress Event to Release

New Data on the Harms of

Marijuana Commercialization in Colorado


> Phone call script for contacting CT legislators

> CT SAM KNOW Marijuana fact sheet; can be edited to include your coalition's logo and contact info

> One-pager on the relationship between marijuana, opioid pain meds, and heroin by evaluator Archie Swindell 

> The Dollars Don't Make Sense handout on the projected costs of legalization

>Lessons Learned From State Marijuana Legalization 2020-2021 edition  Read More

> YOUTUBE: Marijuana and Social Justice

>SAM Projected Costs of Marijuana Legalization to CT

> Marijuana Legalization - A Social Injustice (One-Pager)



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