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Our Priorities 

This year we will:

  • Continue to increase and diversify our membership;

  • Further define and increase benefits of CAPP membership and outline member responsibilities;

  • Develop and implement a public education plan on topics important to members that can be used in local communities and state-wide;

  • Identify and communicate new trends and research, and their impacts on practice both within and beyond the prevention field;

  • Expand and update professional development and continuing education opportunities in our field;

  • Increase the number of Certified Prevention Specialists in Connecticut;

  • Host and facilitate more networking events for our field.

CAPP has four major goals:

  1. Develop an organizational structure to meet the evolving needs of CAPP and to advance the prevention field in Connecticut; 

  2. Increase the awareness of the viability and relevance of the prevention field in Connecticut through education and advocacy efforts to policy makers and the general public; 

  3. Increase the professionalism and standards of practice in the prevention field in Connecticut;

  4. Network, collaborate, and create shared resources for prevention practitioners and organizations throughout Connecticut.

Our strategic plan is still a work in progress.

We need your valuable input to set measurable objectives and to develop an action plan.

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