Prevention Explainer Videos

Created by CAPP, as part of the Prevention TTASC project and funded through Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS), these explainer videos are 

Prevention Works!

The role of prevention in our everyday lives, and the successful outcomes of prevention efforts in Connecticut.

What is Polysubstance Misuse?

Understanding the complexities of simultaneous use of multiple drugs.

Youth Polysubstance Misuse

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The Impact of Substance Abuse on Veterans

Members of our armed services experience substance abuse and its consequences at higher rates than the general population.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse: Co-Occurring Disorders

Mental Health disorders and substance misuse disorders are a common health issue in the United States. This explainer looks at the scope of the issue, common behavioral symptoms and protective factors.

The Relationship of Addiction and the Criminal Justice System

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